Reconstruction of the new business ecology

Like the soil and air on which humans depend, a healthy business ecosystem is the systematic support of growth and expansion of the commercial body. The business ecology is an external platform system and a community of Commercial fate.
A commonality of great enterprises in business history is to break the traditional business boundaries and build a progressive business ecosystem. Cedar's vision is to create a new business ecosystem.
In Cedar's future vision, a commercial ecosystem that tends to be optimized and evolving includes four key pivots: organization, individual, industry, and mechanism.

Creating value is
the only criterion for testing corporate behavior.
Endogenous entrepreneur is
the backbone to promote creating a new business ecosystem.
Any industry should
continuously innovate, reconstruct, and iteratively upgrade to have vitality.
Breaking the monopoly barrier by market mechanism
Make the needs of organizations and individuals fully satisfied.


Adhere to developing China by the industry, create value for the society

Only by persisting in the spirit of innovation and persisting in creating value can an enterprise survive and prosper.
The significance of the existence of Cedar is to be rooted in industry, constantly rebuild industrial value, and constantly seek the future breakthroughs.
Innovate and do solid work in the others' waiting and seeing, actively progress in the others' stagnation, and optimistically march on in the others' anxiety.
Cedar is born to create value and always helps China's industrial transformation and consumption upgrade.


Belief creates the future, make the impossible possible

Belief runs through the entire Cedar culture and Cedar's business philosophy.
It is the core driving force for the Cedar people to fulfill the mission of Cedar and realize the great vision.
Belief makes Cedar always different, and belief brings us together.
Cedar is going to be the "minority" in this society that truly penetrates the past, the present and the future.
Firmly believe that "belief creates the future" and make the impossible possible.




The enterprise is born to create value.The future of an enterprise cannot rely on monopoly, or plundering wealth and resources, and creating value is the only criterion for testing corporate behavior.


Sharing is two-way and also sharing is equal. Cedar believes that each other is selfless and willing to share in order to jointly advance the cause and share the bright future.


Love is a kind of original motivation and the meaning of the existence of the world, and human beings are willing to discover, work, and create

Seven Virtues

  • 1Always insists on futurism,Always optimistically march on;
  • 2Belief creates the future,make the impossible possible;
  • 3Only loyalty cannot be let down,supervision and suspicion are used to protect trust;
  • 4Keep the innovative spirit forever,and sustainable entrepreneurial dynamics;
  • 5Heart filled with sunshine is fearless;
  • 6Keep the promise and the mission must be fulfilled.Act now, and continue iterating;
  • 7Mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation among the employees, companies and partners;

Seven Prohibitions

  • 1Prohibit mountainism,Only care for small group's interests;
  • 2Prohibit bribery,Take power for personal gain,Let out the trade secrets;
  • 3Prohibit the distribution of negative energy,Grievance habit;
  • 4Prohibit shirking the responsibility,Fight for merit;
  • 5Object not taking the results-oriented,Inaction;
  • 6Object claiming the big company as the reason,Extravagance;
  • 7Object duplicity,Do what suits oneself;

Interpretation of Cedar Enterprise's Core Values

Social Responsibility

Micro-public welfare

Do something good even though it may be small. Focus on poor groups in remote areas or vulnerable people who are often overlooked because the events are too small.

Direct charity

Let every penny be put into practice, and insist that every penny and every love will be sent directly to the recipients across thousands of miles.

Let the recipients have dignity

Charity is not a show, charity is a help but more respect. Cedar never makes the helper standing in the spotlight as returns to the help.

Cedar Holdings upholds our values- create, share and love, which has guided our efforts in fulfilling our corporate social responsibility and engaging in public welfare delivery ever since we were founded. Founded in 2008, Cedar Charity Foundation proposed three-pronged guidelines- micro public welfare, direct charity, and preserve beneficiaries' dignity. The foundation persists in public benefit activities including poverty alleviation and donations to students from poor background.

At the moment, Cedar Charity Foundation takes shaping sustainable and green future as its core priority, constantly adjusts its CSR to its corporate development, and doubles down in Belt and Road construction, military-civilian integration, green supply chain, culture preservation and nurturing, community card and education. In this way, it manages to fulfil social responsibility appropriate to enterprises listed among Fortune Global 500.