Talent concept

Sunny and fearless endogenous entrepreneur

  • 1Faith creates the future and makes impossible possible
  • 2Choose challenges, open up fearlessness and have a sense of mission
  • 3Open and diverse culture and values accommodate different opinions; be good at accepting new things
  • 4Respect and appreciate everyone, treat others with tolerance, respect others' personalities and religious beliefs, etc.
  • 5Follow the institutional process and treat others fairly and fairly
  • 6Act now, continue to keep our promises, the mission must be fulfilled
  • 7Only loyalty cannot be let down, supervision and suspicion are used to protect trust.

Three observations

1. Great ambition

The so-called ambition is a strong entrepreneurial spirit, that is, lofty ideals and ambitions, and the spirit and temperament of pioneering, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

2. Determination

Those who listen to the mission are determined and clear in their hearts, and determination and belief are far more important than methods.

3. Love - the heart of big love

Love is constructive and positive, and those with love will be broad-minded, adding luster to life and bringing peace.

Three non-cares

1. Do not care the resume - do not ask the source of the hero

With a zero clearing mindset and entrepreneurial mentality, everything starts from scratch, and as long as the belief is firm and full of entrepreneurial spirit, everything will succeed.

2. Do not care the diploma- do not ask the education level

For entrepreneurs and futurists, what is important is whether talents can quickly integrate into Cedar, recognize the culture of Cedar, and make brilliant achievements.

3. Do not care the so-called ability, for the ability has no standard

Cedar advocates results orientation and speaking with performance, and the performance is the only standard for testing business.