Nylon new material project listed on Shandong Key Projects 2019

2019-09-16 18:02:00

Another high-end chemical project of Qixiang Tengda made into the provincial-level key projects list.
In recent days, Shangdong Development and Reform Committee published the Notice on Adjusting 2019 Key projects, where nylon new materials project of China TianChen Engineering Corporation (TCC) was added to the 2019 Shandong Key Projects for Preparation. This is the second time for Qixiang Tengda to become one of provincial-level key projects. In January, Qixiang Tengda’s methyl methacrylate
(MMA) project with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons/year together with its supporting project were listed on 2019 Shandong Key Projects for construction.
On 24th July, Qixiang Tengda reached an agreement with China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd (CNCEC) and its second-tier subsidiary, TCC, over jointly investing and building Nylon 66 as well as establishing Tianchen Qixiang New Materials Corporations Ltd.
On 19 August, cornerstone laying ceremony of TCC nylon and new materials industrial base construction with an annual capacity of 1 million tons was held in Zibo Qilu Chemical Industrial Park. The completion of this production site will lead to a break from technology monopoly of foreign countries as well as ADN technology and industry takeoff in China.
Butadiene-based route of ADN synthesis adopted in Tianchen Qixiang project is a self-independent R&D result of TCC, and also the first Chinese home-made patented technology that has its own IPR. The technology passed the technological achievement authentication by CPCIA. Products manufactured with it has reached the advanced level of its peers in the world.

Another provincial-level key project of Qixiang Tengda is MMA project with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons/year and its supporting project, which is also a high-end project of importance in 2019 for Qixiang Tengda.

The project was made one of 2019 Shandong Key Projects in January this year. Products from this project are mainly in use of manufacturing PMMA, high-end paint, high-end display, home appliances, and decorative materials, with huge demands and market potential. PMMA, downstream product of MMA, is widely applied in lighting fixtures, optical glass, instrumentation, optical fibre, cockpit glass and bullet-proof glass. Demands of optical grade PMMA molding compound have grown by leaps and bounds, with large development potential and areas for application.