The leading official of Chinese poverty alleviation work visited Cedar Holdings

2019-09-28 11:18:00

On 29 September, Liu Yongfu, Director and Secretary of the Leading Party Members Group of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development arrived in Cedar Holdings for the research on poverty alleviation efforts. Zhang Shuofu, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, Member of Standing Committee of Guangdong Province, and Ye Zhenqin, Member of Standing Committee were also on the inspection tour. 
Liu Yongfu on the inspection tour in Cedar Holdings
Liu Yongfu listened to King Cheung’s report on Cedar Holdings’ participation in east-west poverty alleviation collaboration.  According to Cheung, guided by the central government’s requirement for solving key poverty problems as well as poverty alleviation approaches of Guangdong and Guangzhou government, Cedar Holdings have doubled down on east-west poverty alleviation collaboration, especially in Bijie, Guizhou province where Guangzhou targets its help. Cedar Holdings focuses on lifting people out of poverty through education as it believes the importance of great minds and strong will. Cedar Holdings also actively supports local areas in building education infrastructure, improving vocational education and scholarship and stipend setup, contributing to critical battle against poverty.
Liu Yongfu recognized Cedar Holdings’ achievements in poverty alleviation.  He pointed out that poverty alleviation has reached the most critical stage. What is more, Cedar Holdings, as the representative of Guangzhou private companies, insists in fulfilling social responsibility. He hopes Cedar will keep making progress in poverty alleviation in the coming days.

In recent years, Cedar Holdings has stepped up efforts in poverty alleviation through education in Bijie, and it has achieved some successes. First, Cedar Holdings donates the construction project of Bijie-Guangzhou Human Resources Development Base, which has been completed by now. The base will be put into operation after the National Day vacation in China. Second, Cedar donated the construction project of Goat City Middle School in Zhijin County, Bijie, which has been completed as well. The school will be put into operation before the start of the term in autumn of 2020. Third, Cedar has worked with 4 colleges in Bijie to set up 19 Cedar Class for much-needed skills training, as well as scholarship and stipend for students with poor background and faculty & staff of the college.
As a Guangzhou home-grown private company listed on Fortune Global 500, Cedar Holdings is working on quality growth of its diverse businesses while seeing industry value creation as its largest social responsibility. That is why it has been devoted to developing green supply chain, cultural preservation, civil-military integration and community care. At the same time, it keeps engaging itself in increasing education access for poor children, helping farmers and poverty alleviation as parts of its efforts in fulfilling corporate social responsibility.